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What Do You Mean By A Content Writer?

Having excellent spelling and being a lover of reading, are two essential conditions in a good content writer. But writing well involves much more than differentiating “having” from “to see” or having an extensive vocabulary, it is also necessary to develop skills that allow performing a complete task. Here are some skills that a content writer requires:

Power of Synthesis

A reader will not be interested in reading in five paragraphs what he can understand in two. Who writes must be able to extract the core of the information, eliminating unnecessary words or expressions and maintaining the original meaning of what will be exposed. Synthesizing does not mean twisting.

Be Creative

In the world of writing, the search and delivery of new ideas is an essential factor; nobody will want to read or listen to the same thing that other media have repeatedly published. The formula of creativity involves thinking about differentiating elements, for example, dealing with a topic from another side, researching one that has not been addressed, incorporating infographics, videos, interviews, and so on; the content writer should work to promote the content marketing of their client.

Transmit Information Clearly and Effectively

A good editor is able to make the complex understandable to all. Probably a text on economic slowdown is Chinese for many; but if the person who writes it contextualizes the content and complements it with real examples, the reception will be different.

Mastering Digital Programs or Tools

As it is the case with those who edit, the use of software and online tools is a skill that writers should not ignore either. For example, knowing what codes to add in an HTML spreadsheet, getting acquainted with content managers or CMS and using graphics editing programs, are advantageous knowledge.

Handle  Numerical Operations

The amount of stories that can be extracted from statistical data is enormous. Therefore, the cleaning, analysis, interpretation, and visualisation of these should not be unrelated to an editor. It will be beneficial to know about graphics, mathematical operations and even to handle languages such as English.

But there are other elements that we should not forget. The content writer requires respect for one’s own work and that of others, for self-criticism, for responsibility with commitments, for observation, for contact with the world, for a lot of perseverance and for availability to learn or continuously improve.

Characteristics of a Good Content Writer

The central aspect of the content writer is that he knows how to write. And as has already been explained, not everyone can write since it is not only a matter of having a proper spelling or grammar but of writing coherently, knowing how to write and knowing how to express the main idea in a way that attracts and meets the objectives of the client. Another characteristic – he should know how to adapt to each client, that is; create custom content. Content writing services are needed by all the companies these days to promote their business online. A client may require informal content about cats and another a formal description of financial advice or even a client may want structured content at one time and another informal in the next. The ideal editor adapts to all styles without losing the coherence of the text or the client’s objective. Besides, the perfect content writer is able to write about anything, adequately documented, although it is preferable that the required content is informative or shallow, especially if it requires precise terms. If specific content is required, the client has two options: hire an expert on the subject (and risk not knowing how to write) or train the editor (which is also a way to control the level he has on the subject that asks him).

Factors to Take into Account When Hiring a Content Editor

When hiring a content writer, the client must think about the type of content he needs (expert or informative), the length of the text (in number of words), and the number of texts (there are clients who need a certain number. There are others who need one a day for an indeterminate time) and the type of text style (formal, informal, close, of you, of you, impersonal), which is closely related to the content and purpose of the text. Besides, the client should think about a fair remuneration for the editor, taking into account the time spent and the length of the required text (the longer the text or, the more specificity the client needs, the higher the time spent). The editor is a worker like any other; working at home does not mean that your work requires less effort than an office one. Likewise, the client must maintain a dynamic relationship when it comes to providing the issues to the editor. If the writer has to give an article a day, the client should demand it, but then it cannot take five days to provide the writer with new topics. The relationship between writer and client must be fluid and dynamic. The content writer helps you in content marketing of your business.

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